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Dear Friends,

we've got for you cloth diapers with your favorites ROAR patterns!

You can get them in 3 models- All-In-One, Cover or Pocket.*

All-In-One (AIO) is a cloth diaper with a permanently sewn absorbent insert inside.

Cover and Pocket are two models for which you have to use special reusable prefolds.

Also you can choose from two sizes of the diapers:

  • MOS - for a child from 5 kg to 12 kg
  • OS - for a child from 6 kg to 15 kg


You can buy these cloth diapers only as a SET with one of our wraps. Each set has a special, promo price – in this set the price of the wrap is at least 15% lower!

*It is not possible to buy a diaper without a wrap.


SET-Cloth diaper "Paper Sea" + wrap

  • Wraps with which you can create sets with a diaper:


    Zen de Bordeaux

    Tup Tup - miel poivre

    Carry is not scarry

    All pack of alpacas

    Sheep – gingerbread latte

    Up! Up!


    Coquelicots – Bouquet exotique

    RRRRR - Moutarde au miel

    Les tigrrres

    Brum Brum - Blue Jeans

    Autographe de girafe

    You can choose any size of wraps and diapers!


    Write to us WHICH PATTERN OF THE WRAP and WHICH SIZE OF THE DIAPER you want to choose.

    If you want to have a wrap with fringes - choose them from the list and add them to your basket!

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