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We are coming back with our organic boho soft linen wraps in a completely new colors. Remember that the boho style is also an explosion of colors and positive energy combined with a hint of vintage style! They are a perfect choice for the summer, not only for your child's comfort, but also a perfect complement to every spring and holiday styling. Our linen boho wraps are very soft, airy, just perfect for you and your lovely baby!

Each of the wraps from the Pure Nature collection is incredibly soft, works wonderfully thanks to its elasticity and flexibility - it is the fulfillment of our dreams of a perfect linen wrap. Their beauty lies in their simplicity, so let us introduce you: 

Elizabeth – an electrifying red wrap, combined with black rings and with the widest white “Rosarium” lace– roses with tiny leaves, and its ending is a wavy decoration filled with even more roses,

Pure nature – Boho organic soft linen - Elizabeth

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