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Dear ROAR Friends,

Today our sweet pigcorns are glowing in the glow of their splendor. They know very well that they look phenomenal, we can't hide it!


See how happily they fly on the shiny, golden background, and they are definitely just waiting to befriend your child. Thanks to this, they will be able to conquer the world together! After this exhausting activity, they will surely take a nap together, which in this soft and durable wrap is pure pleasure.


Every day spent in this shiny gold wrap is super fun and in the same time the wrap itself looks just stunning! Our wrap is soft and durable, very springy and tightens well so it will be an ideal place to rest and sleep for every little star, regardless of age.

Piggy in the sky with diamonds

  • „Piggy in the sky with diamonds” it's 280 gsm of:

    92% - Egyptian combed cotton

    8% - soft and shining metallized and environment-friendly golden rexor viscose


    All wraps are woven on our own loom and they are steamed clean before being send which is a guarantee of their highest quality.

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