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Autumn, some of you surely hate it, it is often cold, rainy and grey outisde, I understand… Do you know what I like in autumn? Its beautiful colours - from fiery reds, througt juicy oranges, up to different shades of yellow.
My favourite shade is the one called mustard. It is so intense and at the same time calming and sweet like honey. 🍯 Perfect for all autumnal dinners which should warm us and give energy.

This incredible wrap with merry bears will also warm your child and make it cosy and safe during the whole year. Almost every child has their favourite teddy bear which brings them comfort and sense of security. This timeless toy was an inspiration to create this uncommonly soft and delicate wrap now in an autumnal colorway.

Les oursons - Moutade au miel

  • As always perfect for newbies but also for toddlers :)

    The blend is 270gsm of 100% of Egyptian combed cotton.

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