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Le pied-de-poule (translating literally from French: hen’s foot) is a black and white fabric pattern called „Houndstooth” in English.
For ages, it was one of the most elegant, luxurious and stylish, introduced to high society by Coco Chanel, now in autumnal season just a must-have!

Happy hens on this wonderful black and white design will wrap you baby with love and tenderness. As mother hen, always viligant, caring and cordial, it will take care of your baby during everyday walks and adventures.

It is clear, for newborns, babies and toddlers, that there’s no place like mum’s (or dad’s) shoulders. Never available before."

Very high chicken factor! 😉

Le pied-de-poule

  • As always perfect for newbies but also for toddlers :)

    The blend is 270gsm of 100% of Egyptian combed cotton.

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