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Apricot - soft and sensuous outside, and inside juicy like delicious memories of summer.
Imagine yourself lying on the grass, looking in cloudless sky and biting a sweet apricot... You're smiling , you feel calm, you're not in a hurry... The moment is yours, it feels so perfect and all the pleasure and beauty is here for you to be enjoyed.
"Apricot sky" is your favorite aquarelle in colors of sky and apricot together.
I am sure you will love “APRICOT SKY crunch” not only for the design, but also for their amazing quality, softness and strength.
Perfect for a small baby and a toddler, nature friendly and vegan.

The material is extremely strong, light... It will give you the impression of a pillow on the shoulders. Strong like father's arms and well-fitting like a second skin.
Wrap's high gsm is great for all seasons because of the three-dimensional construction. You just need to try it!
Perfect for a newbie and a toddler too. ❤

L'amour - Apricot Sky Crunch

  • 100% soft Egyptian combed cotton (of course OEKO TEX 100 certified) three dimensional weaving
    290 gsm

    II grade wrap - sewn on backwards

  • Find it here.

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