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Dear Diso Geek Friends!

The wrap with your favorite hero returns in a form that no one expected!

Dazzling, shiny, phenomenal. It is definitely love at first sight and you definitely cannot pass by it. The creation of the most famous intergalactic villain in a hilarious, children's version with a balloon was a wink to all fans of the saga. Now we went a step further and created this insanely shimmering wonder - the pink rexor made this wrap the apple of our eye! Your children will surely fall in love with it, because we know how much they love to hear stories about adventures from distant galaxies, especially being wrapped in such a soft and delicate to the touch wrap. It touch on the skin soothes, the closeness of a parent calms, and you, our dear geek Friend, can spend the day with your toddler with you, while having your hands free! Babywearing has never been so phenomenal as it is today!

I’m your fabulous blink father

  • „I’m your fabulous blink father” is woven in 275 gsm in the following proportions:

    -88% Egyptian combed cotton

    -12% golden soft shining rexor viscose.


    Our wraps are 100% consistent with the law and copyright.


    We weave all wraps on our own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.

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