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The time for the new wrap from „Art collection” has come. We are very happy to present you „Melody”.
Do you like music? I really love it. It is amazing how it can influence my mood, calm down when I am stressed or angry, comfort when I am sad, it accompanies me when I work, travel or meet friends. Good piece of music can make my day.

I decided to sketch these instruments to show my love and appreciation for music. I am sure, it has magical ability to connect people from all over the world, from different cultures, in different ages, using different languages, it knows no barriers.

Diso - Melody

  • This wrap is a must have for all music lovers.
    As always I created the wraps in a very limited quantity, all from OEKO-Tex 100 certified yarns.

    It’s 280 GSM of a soft and strong wrap, made of 100% Egyptian combed cotton.
    It’s perfect for a newborn babies and bigger toddlers as well.

  • Find it here.

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