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The very first wrap of the new series DISO ART.

"LEONARDO’S SKETCHES" is a composition of the most famous Leonardo's illustrations composed into one.

I am sure many of you know this amazing drawing “The Vitruvian Man” - simple, with perfect proportions, genius. To me it’s the most emblematic symbol of the renaissance.

Diso - Leonardo's Sketches

  • The wraps are woven on our own loom which guarantees their exceptional quality.

    It’s 270 GSM of a soft and strong wrap, made of 100% Egyptian combed cotton. It’s perfect for a newborn babies and bigger toddlers as well.
    Beautiful melange of natural white and brown give you impression of old sheet of paper.

    I wanted it not only to be beautiful but also 100% consistent with the law and in full respect to the one of the greatest artist in the history - Leonardo da Vinci.

  • Find it here.

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