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Dear Diso Friends!

Here it is! Another wrap which we weaved a long time ago in the galaxy far, far away

Thanks to "Dark Side - Red Light" you will go on a fascinating journey to the ends of the galaxy, where you will be able to spend priceless and bound-buildings moments together. There will be no end to excitement and delight!


Come with us into this amazing world full of adventures, fight between good and evil, let your imagination run wild - of course in the company of our phenomenal wrap! The intensely red space ships presented on it looks stunning against the deep black background. You have to see it by yourself! A brilliant combination of crazy black and beautiful red rexor viscose - gives an amazing effect. It is made of extremely soft cotton, smooth and strong, perfect for a newborn, toddler and older child. Thanks to the softness of the material and its carrying capacity, you will be able to lull your child with love and tenderness every day.

Dark Side – Red Light