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Dear ROAR Friends!
Take a look at this sweet herd! The fluffy sheep greet you with a lovely design, standing out beautifully against the caramel backdrop. It’s a simple, adorable pattern, that is sure to bring a smile to every face.
This wrap is very soft and cosy, it will take care of your baby's delicate skin from the very first moments of their life. You will be surprised by its softness and capacity. It is a great choice not only for carrying newborns, but also older children - we made sure that these beautiful wraps are durable and load-bearing.
All wraps are woven on our own loom; they are steamed clean before being sent, guaranteeing their highest quality.

Caramel sheep

  • „Caramel sheep” is a 280gsm wrap woven from:
    60% - Egyptian combed cotton
    40% - tussah silk
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