Dear Diso’s Friends,

We've known for a long time that you love our heart weave It is high time for you to discover the magical power of wraps woven from gorgeous tussah silk. We are proud to present you our sweet wrap woven from a million hearts and one of the softest silks in the world - and we weaved it in very limited number, just 8 of this beauties will find a new baby to wrap!


This combination makes the baby wrapped in this wrap feel phenomenal, and immediately moves into the world of dreams. Velvety soft and fluffy hearts will immediately become a favorite place for naps for your beloved children. Anyway, take a look at this miracle - wouldn't you like to cover yourself with this sweet, powdery pink cloud?


Thanks to the tussah, our cute little hearts will surround your baby gently like a fluffy cloud, and of course the wrap is looking just stunning, because this silk creates a lovely mosaic numbs on it!

This lovely wrap is made of amazingly soft cotton, smooth and strong at the same time and a tussah silk so it is perfect for a new born baby and also for a toddler. Our wonderful heart-shaped weaved wrap will gently surround your baby with love and tenderness.

Bisous – Poudre a dodo

  • "Bisous – Poudre a dodo" is 270 gsm wrap made of:

    -75% Egyptian combed cotton

    -25% tussah silk


    We weave all wraps on our own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.