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Today I am really happy and proud to present to you a very special pattern. This wrap means really a lot to me as I created this especially for a wonderful person who has a great heart for those who need our help and support. She offered a great amount of money for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity to win her dreamt pattern - cute little bees. It was an enormous pleasure to work on this project and I am very happy that this exclusive pattern is now available for you!

I am sure you will love this wrap for its vivid yellow colour, for its softness and strength, and that those little buzzing bees will make you smile every time you will carry your baby in it <3 It’s a perfect wrap for spring and summer!

Bees go buzzing

  • As always I created them in a very limited quantity, all from OEKO-Tex 100 certified yarns.

    "Bees go buzzing" it's 280 gsm of 100% combed Egyptian cotton.

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