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Dear ROAR Friends!


The hoodies sweatshirts are available in the following colors:
- burgundy
- navy

- light gray

- powder pink

- mint

- deep black
- khaki green
- red
- beige


Our hoddies are made of 100% premium cotton sweatshirt, fleshy and soft to the touch, have two discreet pockets closed with a zipper for feeding a child and a "kangaroo" pocket where you can fit not only your hands, but also the necessary small items. 


If you are not feeding your baby anymore and you do not need two discreet zippered pockets - write to us in your order and we will sew a hoddies for you without them!


They are available in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XXL!


The collars are made of our wraps, which we weave on our own loom and steam clean before sending, it gives you the opportunity to match your dress to the wrap in which you carry your baby!

Nursing hoodie

  • Below is a complete list of specific dimensions of a given size:

    Length/chest/hips in cm

    XS 93-95/83-85/87-89

    S 93-95/87-89/91-93

    M 95-97/95-97/97-99

    L 95-97/101-103/102-104

    XL 97-99/103-105/104-106

    XXL 97-99/105-107/111-113

  • The collar of our hoodies can be easily changed into a hood, and the inside is finished with the pattern of your favorite ROAR wrap! 
    You can also choose the side of the pattern – we can put is inside or outside of the collar.

     It gives an amazing visual effect and gives you the opportunity to create countless combinations, which makes your hoodie one of a kind! Look at our photos, and if you are looking for inspiration to fill your hood in check our photo gallery. Write to us which pattern you want to choose!

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