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Dear Roar Friends,
Here is the latest version of "Coquelictos", a wonderful, beautiful and energetic summer version.
If, like me, you like to watch the sunsets, you certainly know that in the summer, they are full of colors. From red, pink, yellow to wonderful oranges. This shade, which I used to color the poppies, reminds me of a burning solar ball that will soon sink into the horizon. This beautiful moment when night and day are combined.
I love summer and I love sunsets.
That amazing fire orange combined with elegant, calm beige creates a beautiful and original composition. Perfect for long walks at sunset.
This wrap is perfect for newborns and toddlers, veeeery soft, fluffy and full of sleepy dust.

Coquelicots – Le soleil d'été couchant

  • All our wraps are made from 100% OEKO certified Egyptian combed cotton (270 gsm)
    They were all woven on our own loom and clean with hot steam which is a guarantee of their highest quality.
    It's a very soft and strong wrap.
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